For this side of the world, the statistics shows that nearly 97 percent of the population is Islams. In this religion as you may or may not know there are two types of Islams all around the world there are those who follow the Sunnis which is conderably a majority of this religion it has about 77 percents of the population in this country, and there also another group of Islams calles the Shia, in Pakistan 20 percent of population are Shias. The rest of the religion in this part of the world are Christian and Hindu, and both of these groups only have 1 percent of the population in the country.
Multan, Pakistan: Sunni Muslim devotees return back to their homes on a packed train after attending annual religious congregation.

The Muslims belief is the same everywhere though it might be a little different according to the culture and countries, but this is not common comparing to other religion such as christianity where you might sometimes find people disagree on somethings about their faith. All Muslims follow the same laws or rules. They believe in the idea of one God. Muslims preach that there is only one Supreme, Eternal, Infinate, Unparallel entity Allah (God) whom they believe as being the creator of everything that is in the world. Muslims also believe in angels, that each angels has his own job. Angels in Islamic culture are comprised of light. That there are the angels that just take care of recording your doings. In Islam Angel Gabriel is know as the one who brought a divine message to prophet Mohammad. As a Muslim person, you are required to pray five times a day, which is one of the FIVE PILLARS OF ISLAM.