Korphe used to be one of the poorest and uncivilized villages in Pakistan. It is situated very close to the K2 mountain. Since all began with the sharing cup of tea with Greg Mortenson, the story of the village has changed. After his decent from the mountain, a sick and weak Mortenson stepped into a very poor village named Korphe in Pakistan where the local helped nurse him back to health. After Mortenson an American born in Minnesota moved with his family when he was a kid as missionaries to a country in the Eastern part of Africa called Tanzania where he spent most of his time until he was fourteen years old. Greg was very touched by the life of the people in Korphe village. They did not have much neither did they have education, but the way these people cared for him showed love in a place where there was no hope. Mortenson felt deep inside him that he had to bring hope once again in the village of Korphe by bringing an education to the people of Korphe. Morteson went on and promised the poeple of this village a school, which he came to accomplish after four years of struggling on how he would get the money to fulfill the promise to these people who cared for him when he was not able to care for himself when he was ill from climbing the K2 mountain which was a result of a 3 months lost in the wildeness. From there, began the relationship that lasts to this day. The people of Korphe will never forget the path to civilization that Greg Mortensen has brought to their village.